Firdaus Foundation
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Hostel Initiative

This Initiatives aid in accomodation of student under the schorlaship of Firdaus Foundation

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Orphan Initiative

We take care of the needy, support the orphan is our main goal

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Health Initiative

One of our priority is to give heathcare to Our Members

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School Building Initiative

Firdaus Foundation through our numorous initiative ,we build schools to champion the will of islam education

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Distribution of Books

We distribute holy books and other relevants materials to aid the teaching of Islam

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Food Distribution Initiative

Feeding the masses and putting smile on their faces make us unique among our peers

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Financial Support

We provide financial Support to all without discriminating .

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Disable Initiative

Firdaus Foundation support people with disability, Providing for the needy and sone of our social service

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Mosque / School Initiative

We build mosques and schools as one our social services to various communities in Ghana and beyound.

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